Saturday, January 12, 2013

I reached the 1001st day on Friday.  I finished 64 of the 101.  Unfortunately, I didn't complete all that I had wanted to but I'm happy with where I got.  I didn't do a good job of considering at the beginning the expense of some of the items I put on my list and thus, getting them all done in 1001 days was just not going to happen.

Here are the final items I've worked on or completed since my last status update. (Blogger has changed how photos are uploaded and I unfortunately do not have time right now to upload them to another site in order to upload them here so I haven't added photos this time.)

#10 -- I spent 5 days in Mobile, Alabama for a conference in October.  I had driven through Alabama before (on my way from Miami to New Orleans) but had not spent anytime there.  I can honestly say I have no desire to ever go back to Alabama, at least not Mobile.  It just seemed so vacant and rundown for a major city.

#17 -  I went to see The Jersey Boys at DPAC with my friend Tammy.  The beginning was a little slow but I enjoyed it.  It was a great girls-night-out!

#21 - Emile and I went to our first Carolina Panther's game on December 23.  It was against the Oakland Raiders.  I had a great time and would love to go again.

#27 - While in Mobile, I got a much-needed massage at the spa near my hotel.  It was wonderful!  I would have spent more time there in the sauna and so forth but I had to get to the conference.

#33 - Although I haven't been to the dermatologist yet, I did schedule an appointment.  The soonest they can get me in is the end of February.

#37 - I finally made a bucket list.  Not surprising, most things are travel related! :)

#41 - We have meet a few more families in the area.  Our next door neighbor had some friends move our subdivision and they also then met their next door neighbor.  We got the chance to meet both couples at our neighbor's birthday party and Halloween party.

#42 - I've had a few girl's night out.  The night Tammy and I went to the musical, to a painting workshop with a group of friends, and dinner out with my book club friends.

#43 - Unfortunately, Emile and I didn't make time to go out once a month over the last 1001 days.  We only made it out half of that time.  But with 3 small children, it's always a struggle.  We did get a chance to go to see the movie Django Unchained while our family was visiting and also to the Carolina Panther game.  I'm hoping we get better at making time for the two of us as the kids get older.

#45 - Claire just turned 3 in December.  We will be signing her up for ballet in June but it's too early to do it right now.

#59 - I've read a few more books but didn't reach my goal.  It's been easier to read with my iPhone but my books tend to be long and thus, it takes awhile.  The ones I read recently are:  Plain Truth by Jodi Picout, Where We Belong by Emily Griffin, The Lady of the Rivers by Philippa Gregory, and The Beauty Detox Solution by Kimberly Synder.

#62 - I did get a chance to learn all capitals of all 50 states.

#65 - Last weekend, my husband and I spent sometime learning the location of 5 constellations (Orion, Aries, Gemini, Perseus, and Cassiopeia) and saw Jupiter (very bright tonight) and Betelgeuse (very red, bright star). It was a beautiful night for it and a lot of fun.  We need to get a telescope!

#85 - I finished knitting Claire's baby doll blanket which she was very excited about.

#89 - I have made 5 new recipes recently, all but one using my new crockpot -- enchiladas, a turkey dish which wasn't very good, chicken cacciatore, and whole chicken with potatoes.  I also made meatballs for the first time one night. 

#90 - Tammy and I ate at Six Plates.  It was pretty good; definitely not kid-friendly which is what we needed that night.

#94 - I watched my 5th Academy Award movie.  I have seen so many of them that I had to go back to 1979 to find one that I hadn't seen - Kramer vs. Kramer.  It was ok.  I didn't really see why it got an award but I suppose movies were different back then.

#95 - We sent a birthday card to Opa.  I feel like I've sent 20 birthday cards but I'm not sure.

#99 - I've tried 13 wines in the last few months in an attempt to reach my goal.  Like the birthday cards, I feel like I've tried 50 different ones over the last 1001 days but I'm not sure since I didn't record them all.

#100 - This year we did buy Christmas gifts for another family.  It was for two little boys that are living with their widowed grandmother.  The girls even helped pick out and wrap the gifts.  They were happy to help!

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